Brushless motor technology

Modern cordless screw drivers and drillers without carbon brushes!

Innovative drive technology to meet the most challenging demands

Abrasion minimised - performance maximised!

Maintenance free, high performance and energy efficient: Carbon brushes in conventional electric motors have very negative effects on efficiency and durability. That is why we have equipped our tools with the modern brushless drives. Friction losses or involuntary idle time due to overheated motors is now a thing of the past!

More power! No fear of drills: Brushless energy helps you gain maximum performance and torque.

Real efficiency is like this!

Modern technology enables us to design electric motors without carbon brushes. In this way, the brushes, which in conventional electric motors change polarity through mechanical contact with the rotor, change polarity here electronically. They create a rotating magnetic field, that the rotor follows - contact less, abrasion free and high efficiency.

Drill hole to drill hole to drill hole: Batteries also benefit from high efficiency of the device That is why, we use in many Power X-Change tools and garden equipment, brushless motors with a particularly high level of efficiency. Brushless motors' low weight and compact design also make the tools easy and comfortable to handle.

High durability! No sparks are flying - but the friendship is blazing strong! Our brushless motors are exceptionally robust, maintenance-free and have a long service life.

All advantages at a glance - that is why our brushless motors are so good:


Maximum performance - no compromise

Better performance through fewer friction losses: Our brushless motors enable higher revolutions per minute and more torque compared to conventional electric motors.

Longer service life

Minimum friction - minimum downtime

Ideal for large projects: Due to less heat generation, our brushless tools can be operated for longer durations at higher capacities without overheating.

Maintenance free

No wear - utmost reliability

Brushless motors have no carbon brushes which cause wear and tear through mechanical abrasion. Compared to conventional carbon brushes based motors, we increase service life signficantly.


Small motor - big effect

Brushless motors can be designed more compactly, saving space and weight - for particularly light and ergonomic tools.


Higher efficiency - maximum service time

More efficiency and endurance: Because brushless motors cause no friction losses, Power X-Change system's battery output can be used very efficiently.