Automatic Water Works

GC-AW 6333

3.3 (4)
Item number 4176730
  • Electronic flow switch with LED indicator
  • Automatic function
  • Large filler opening
  • Prefilter with integrated non-return valve
  • Integrated, electronic dry-running-protection
  • Water drain screw
  • Suction connection made of brass
  • Pressure connection made of plastic
  • Useful carry-handle
  • High quality pump housing made of plastic

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Technical data

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Mains supply230 V | 50 Hz
Power630 W
Max. delivery capacity3300 L/h
Max. delivery height / - pressure36 m / 3.6 bar
Max. suction height8 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Suction connection42mm (R11/4 AG)
Pressure connection33,3mm (R1 IG)
Power cord1.5 m | H07RN-F
Product description
The GC-AW 6333 auto1matic domestic water system is an efficient and reliable helper which enables clear water to be delivered on demand and in energy-saving mode from reservoirs, wells and shafts for use in irrigation systems or as service water. Its electronic flow switch with LED indicator and automatic function turns the pump on and off again automatically when water is required. With a powerful 630 W motor, this automatic waterworks achieves a delivery rate of up to 3,300 liters of water per hour from a maximum depth of 8 m This is achieved with a delivery pressure of up to 3.6 bar, which equates to a maximum delivery head of 36 meters. The automatic domestic water system has a pre-filter with an integrated non-return valve, which improves the quality of the water and therefore prevents impurities from getting into the pump. The device also has an integrated, electronic dry-running protection facility, which provides active protection against overheating if the water head being pumped is broken off. For easy filling the water pump has large water filler opening, while the residual water is emptied out with a user-friendly water drain screw on the bottom. The metal suction connection and the pressure connection made of plastic, plus the robust pump housing made of plastic, are of particularly high quality for a long service life. The useful carry-handle enables the automatic domestic water system to be transported with ease, and the device is soon ready work wherever needed.

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GC-AW 6333